Monday, January 25, 2010

News Letter Jan 2010

Dear My Friends

I hope everyone doing good .I am doing good, but pretty sad that all the CCP went back to AU already. I really enjoyed the time with them. We had a great time laboring together and doing activities together. Everything went well over the past couple months and I am so thankful for them. We started the CCP with a Girls’s retreat to the mountains and there were a lot of students who joined us. We spent 2 nights there and I had my first chance to teach in big group. One of the girls who joined us prayed to receive Christ (her name is Sine or Zine) . We ended last year with a Christmas party and then I had a great time with the Lewis family on Christmas. I really enjoyed a Fish Spa we visited @ Central Plaza, the new Mall in KK. After that, I went to visit a student’s hometown, Jane. She is very close to knowing Christ but her relationship with her boyfriend makes it difficult for her to follow Him. Finally, we had the Friends Forever retreat @ Ubonrat dam. It was an amazing retreat and the retreat made it simple and easy to start a Bible study with students afterwards because some students at the retreat shared their experience in a Bible study with P Brian. The day after we came back from retreat we had farewell party for girls who went to retreat with us . We had our first bible study in a big group and one of the CCP shared her testimony. It was amazing to me and I will never forget that day. I really want to see this happen again and again and I hope that this is just the beginning.
God has blessed me a lot over the last 2 months and I feel very encouraged by Him. Whenever I feel weak, I can see his power in me. During the past week I had no plan to share about him, but every time I met students I had a chance to share my testimony and answer questions that they asked me .

My prayer requests:
1. Pray that I would focus on God’s LOVE and Faithfulness and that I would Hope in Him
2. Am , Jane , Im , Ice, and Ning ; Please pray that they will join TSP this summer .
3. Please pray specifically for Jane, who is very close to knowing Christ as I mentioned before, that God will open her heart and lead her to Him.
4. Am and Ice still do not talk to each other but I had a chance to talk with them one on one and encourage them to restore their relationship. Please pray for both of them and I hope they will go to TSP .
5. Thai Summer Project is coming March 8, so please pray for us about this project.

Thank you for your prayer and support me .
Love in Christ