Thursday, October 30, 2008

The time with Aussie team in KK

Liza and Her baby was nake b/c of natural activity@ church

Jacqui and Honey , I wonder why don't they wear pink today ;D

Here is the team picture :)

Snow and Jacqui

This is the first that they arrived KK and Baby Everyne so cute ...we ate dinner at Smile rest...

P.s I love you guys , hoping oneday we will have an oportunity to serve the Lord together

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Highlight

Ministry Highlight

1. My birthday Party a great opportunity to be witness : There were 24 girls who came celebrate ,I ‘d got a chance to give them Flier about gift from God also I gave birthday gift to someone who has birthday close to me .

2. Kaoyai-Trip a great time to see how amazing of our Lord : There were 19 person who went with us , I am so thankful for P ying’s first time that she drove for a long way , raining and very dark night J and we saved !!!! . Thankful for the weather at mountain no rain while we were there but when we came back to KK there were crazy rain and flood .

3. I am so thankful for My new ministry partner “ Am”, and Team work ; she has a desire to her friends on campus also she want to growth in a part of sharing gospel , It is very encouraging me when we go on campus hangout with students planning and pray together. I can see a team work through the time we spent with students or even sometime Nampeung(the other staff girl J) came to joy with students who I follow up.

My Roommate:)

4. Helping 3 students made a decision to know Christ ; I shared gospel by watching The Hope DVD with 3 girls (Zine , Jume , Bell) they made a decision to know about God more but do not make The decision to receive Him yet .

Jume ,Snow and Zine

Nampeung,Bell and Snow

5. Deepening relationship with students ; three are about 10 girls(all of them are in the list of my last update ) who I know more about them and shared my testimony with them . I also know 7 news girls most of them are first year only one is second year .
6. My mom was sick the way that God allowed me to share with my family ; she had a problem about asthma last month I went home to take care of her , took her to hospital , during that time I got to share about God with Mom and Dad but they just did not want to know , anti what I try to say well I am so glad that God gave me a chance to be witness with them I hope I will get to share more not only by what I will say also act it out J.Oh!! my mom is doing good , her health is better and better , she is happy now J Praise the Lord!!.
7. Flood ; There were raining after we came back from kao-yai trip because of that NEU and some part of KK was flood , school break for one week , students who live in the dorm of NEU could not go out from their dorm they needed to have a boat to bring them out to the other place . I needed to live in a house all that week so thankful for Tdong the guy who by bought food and took it to a home for us (Snow , Nampeung and Am)

My Personal time with God; What phrase should I use for my relationship with God…. He teach me in many way I am so thankful for His faithfulness ,patient , never give up working in my life , show me my sin and clean me in His way , Praise My Lord , My savior J
1. God teach me about my weakness as I ask for one of my pray request An Emotion ; the important thing that I see is how dangerous if we let an emotion lead our action its effect what I thought , people around me , it revealed what I believe in the deepest of my heart . I never realized that we can control it just say “well I feel this I will act it out I don’t want to fake I know I have sin I will confess if I’m not act it out it’s mean I am a liar ” but It’s not about what I say the truth is that we have fruit spirit “self-control ” we can control it causes it was created from our Father He rules everything also my emotion and We have his holy spirit too !! I realized now let an emotion lead is dangerous , no self-control which is fruit of Spirit , people around me get hurt , It is sin, God wants to change me , the truth will set me free, I don’t want to see my friends have sin causes my emotion , Thanks God for open my eyes to see my sin , It is very clearly and how dangerous if I still not seek Him about my weakness . Seeking God this topic God shown me something in this way most of my personal time with Him my attitude is that I want to know him and ask him to help me as he is my savior , many time I ask him to help me , to make me happy to give me what I want to be with me to…. Blaa blaa blaa . But what about He is my Lord !! I am not mine , I am His … My attitude that He is my Lord was gone somewhere and now He shown me what was wrong and I come back , surrender to God who is my savior and my Lord too!! .

2. Job 36:26 “Behold , God is great , and we know him not; the number of his year is unsearchable” As we learned theology about Unconditional election I was so confuse the way of our Lord and do not understand Him but I pray and seek Him more to understand Him and He said to me through that verse , I will not know him anything we want to cause He is great we are dust but as much as we know Him this is enough He is love , truth , life … Praise Him all I know and humble myself to His great . It is very encouraging me to seek Him more and more as much as I can know Him through His verses ,pray and praise Him what I know about Him also what I do not know He is incomprehensible. I have more faith , want to fight for my faith as in Philippians 2:12-13 “… work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you , both to will and to works for his good pleasure ”

What’s next and prayer request??

1. On going raising supporter ; hope I will have 100 % in this year.
2. School will start next month I have 2 goals ; first focusing on girls who I know last semester about 20 girls (Bell , Zine, Jume , Tdune , Oong-Ing, Palm , Preaw, Gig, KaiJeaw,M, Noon, Mam, Barn , Kung, Som-O, Tdan, Ploy, Gloy , Fai,Mint, etc.) . There are 3 girls who wants to know more about Christ as I told you in the beginning Please pray for my wisdom to lead them I don’t have any idea yet only hangout and give them a book to read. Second focusing on getting to know news students especially first year students please pray for the time to know news girls keep contact with them .
3. Please pray for Gig’s faith , her desire to know God and time for study bible (also my wisdom to lead her in Christ’s way not my way ) ; as you know from my last update she was receive Christ ,but She has some problem that make her not available to study bible with me , now I keep call her and eat lunch with her sometime .
4. Second semester different from first semester there are not many students not very busy classes as I know from last year that mean it will be difficult to hang out with students , please pray that Our Lord will lead many students come joy do an activity with our team . I hope that I will see more than 2 girls come to know Christ.
5. I will go on campus with Am as her ministry partner , her discipleship Ministry Leader . Also I am her sister , her roommate . Please pray for our relationship as many role ,that We will close to each other , learning to know Christ through each other. Actually I want to build her as a labor to please our God in His way .
6. There is one little thing that effect 3 of us at a house ; my neighbor sing karaoke at night around midnight till 2 am which mean we will sing with them I like to sing Karaoke but not this time or at house , I want to sleep, it’s very loud and noisy we can not sleep. Please pray that we will be OK (sleep well) and handle this with good perspective .

For all things were created by him , and all things exist through him and for him . To God be glory forever!!, Amen Rom 11: 36