Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Newsletter December 2013

Last weekend, we had an Evangelical retreat! There were about 15 non-Christian  students who joined us at the Fin Retreat (It is finished Retreat) . We shared the gospel  with them by using  the last  7 words on the cross  that Jesus said," It is finished" . What Jesus has done on the cross for human sinners, including myself,  is finished  on the cross.  This good news  reminds me again that I am A needy sinner. I am so thankful for this good news!

Song ( number 2 is her name )  who has  very short hair and  beautiful smile in the middle of picture above , showed interested to know more about God,Along with  her friend Cat  who did Bible study with Jan last semester.  Please join us Praying for them,  that our God will lead them to know Him soon.  Also I have a chance to share gospel during lunch time with Jane who wear glasses in second picture below , showed interested to know more about God Please join me praying for her salvation. 

Jane , Pop and Amanda 

Birthday Party for Jan and Pop  

Personal update 
In the last newsletter, I mentioned to you about how tried and emotional I was during the past month. Right now  I feel better after having good time with God and rest from being sick. One thing that I have learned from God is in Philippians 3:7-9:

  "But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ  and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith."

I have a great time meditate on this truth. I have more freedom in living everyday to know God more to live with Him is worth more than anything.  Please for me that I will have a great time with Him everyday. 

As I am writing this newsletter, I just received news that one of the students who has been studying the Bible with Liew (a Christian student from our ministry) just professed his faith in Christ ! Praise God!
Support Update 

Over the past 6 months and more, I have experienced some loss in my support.  I am currently $750 short in monthly commitments from being at 100%. Unfortunately, during my time in America, I did not gain many new monthly supporters as I expected, but I know God will provide! So I am asking you for your help!

What can you do?

Please consider helping me in any of the following areas:
  1. PRAY: Please pray right now that God would bring in the remaining support by the end of the year!
  2. JOIN MY SUPPORT TEAM: Contribute financially every month for any amount - $10, $60, or $300 - Every dollar counts. I am currently in need of $750 in new monthly support. Give now by clicking here.
  3. SPECIAL GIFT:  Contribute to my current need of $2500 in one-time in order to bring my support account back up to a healthy place.
  4. INCREASE YOUR SUPPORT: Even $5 or $10/month more helps! 
  5. ADOPT ME : Ask your home group or Bible Study about "Adopting-A-Missionary". You can follow my ministry together, take a monthly collection, write me cards or emails of encouragement, etc. 

Thank you for your  prayer
May Glory be to our God 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Neswletter Oct 2013

Dear  my friend ,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing well physically. I have been having a great time training for a full marathon. It is scheduled for January 2014. Spiritually, I have been feeling tired and have been very emotional. I don't really know what’s happening. One thing I have been thinking, which a fellow staff friend mentioned, is that God is stretching me and growing me in some area of my life.  I do believe that he is growing and teaching me something but I just do not know what it is right now. Please be praying for me that I will get closer to God and hear what truth he has been teaching and telling me. I know he can and believe he will renew me as it says in Isaiah 40: 28-31

Ministry has been going good in building relationship with students. I had a chance to share my testimony with biology students on my birthday before the final exam last month. After exams there was a week and then school started up again just this week. One highlight of the past 2 months is the wedding of Tdong and Am who both graduated from Northeastern University where we worked for 6 years. Seeing them come to know Christ, be discipled, love on each other and now having their own Thai Godly family is so wonderful. Praise God who has done this in their lives. It has been a privilege and a blessing for us to be a part of this. I am excited to see this couple bless other Thai people and multiply their life.

In addition to this couple, the picture below of the ladies in all red dress are the girls from NEU who continue to grow in their Christian life. Some of them may look familiar to you as I have mentioned them in my newsletter and maybe you have prayed for them. Starting from the left is Kage who is now working as a teacher in Christian school in Khonkaen. Kana to her left just the Campus Outreach Thailand expansion team to Chiang Mai. Nong is working as a teacher in Christian school Ice is working as tutor in Kumon company at KKU and involved with campus ministry.
I am so thankful for these girls. Praise our God who worked in their life. I pray that God would continue to grow and multiply their life for His Kingdom. I am so thankful for you too, for being part of our team, both financial support and prayer in order to multiply His kingdom in Thailand. It is such a  privilege that God  allow us to be a part of His Kingdom.

My Prayer request
1) My time with God, I will have an intimacy with Him and He will restore my soul, I will hear His voice as I read , study His word and my life will soak with His love and flow to people who I disciple and share gospel with them.
2 ) We are going to have Evangelistic retreat next month with CCP Australia, please pray for students who we invite that many of them will join us and lead them to salvation.
3) My financial support onetime $ 2500 and monthly $750, I am trusting that God would lead 15 families $50. If you are interest to join financial team or need more information please feel free to contact me through this email  (snow@campusoutreach.org)or facebook.

May God Bless you


Friday, September 6, 2013

Newsletter September 2013 Hope in God

My Beloved friends and supporter , special person in my heart in the state always love and thankful for you all. 

Our trip to the USA in July was great. Overall, I had a great time at the conference. Some things were difficult for me like jet lag and talking lots of English with so many people. I enjoyed many things in America and I was able to experience many things that I could only think about before. 

Since I have returned from the USA, I, along with Christians students, have been spending time with some first year students. I had an opportunity to share the gospel 2 times in an amazing way. Thai people rarely initiate spiritual questions. These 2 girls initiated to me and asked me about God .They asked what I believe and one of them seems really interested about Him and wanted to know more .After sharing gospel with these girls, I prayed that there will be more students coming and asking, I would like to see God do far more than I can think. 
Jelly Birthday Party with biology  students who always come bake with us. 
The night market with Jan , Dow , Jojo , Miw and Fone. 
Equipping and establishing students has been challenging. Each of them are in a spiritual battle for that has been tough and intense everyone. The students started with much excitement to do ministry with CCPs. They met lots of students and tried their best to shine the light of Christ to others. I was and am so encouraged by them. They have been busy the last few weeks with life, studying and home work. It seems their excitement for God and ministry is far away. This season of life and also in my life, has been a season of fighting the good fight and to keep going in ministry even when life is hard. It has been challenging for me to help these girls walk with the truth, have hope and trust God in the middle of this battle. I know that God's grace is abundant. Please be praying for us that we will abide in him everyday and we will grow in knowing Him, we will see God working in and through us far more than we can think of as Paul pray for Ephesians in Chapter 1verses 14-21.
Holly and Baby Raenan one of my Highlight  in NC just realized it is the same shirt with picture before. 
Even with all of this reality, I am doing good and I am so excited to see God do something more than I can think. At the same time, sometimes, I feel hopeless and asking when is the next victory going to happen , I don’t know. God reminds me in His word 1Corinthians 13:9-13 “For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect has come , then that which is in part will be done away…For now we see in the mirror, dimly but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known. And now abide faith, hope , love , these three; but the greatest of this is love.” Hope faith and love , We have it all through God’s word he promises to us. I pray that my heart will keep these three things and to remember that on the cross and in His resurrection, Jesus gives all three for us in order to live and wait for the perfection come.

May Glory be to Our God.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

News letter July 2013

Dear My Friends ,
I hope you are doing well. Thank you for praying along with us as we minister at KKU among the Science students. I would like to share what God has been doing in our ministry the past month whic is not on jssano.blogspot.com. We have met and built relationships with first year science students, at least 150 students. Please pray that God would lead us in building deeper relationships with them. Jelly (girl from last newsletter) had an opportunity to share the gospel with one girl, named Poy, who studies physics. Poy is not interested in knowing God or studying about him. Please keep Poy in your prayers. 
Jelly , Sarah Kate Poy and Kendall 

Jan (girl from last newsletter) has met 3 girls who are really interested in coming to church and she is going to do a bible study with one of the girls, her name is Cat.  Please be praying for her that God would open her heart and lead her to know Him.
Jan and Cat First time study Bible 

I have been very busy in the process of transition to KKU. I am learning to adjust myself and to ask God to help me settle down. What God is teaching me now is, “Be still and know I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)  

I am going to the United States this Friday. IT IS SUCH A PRIVILEGE that God gives me this. It is one of my dreams to visit my best friend in the States. Also, Campus Outreach has a global staff conference between July 14-21, 2013 in Florida. Our goals are to refocus, refuel and reconnect with other CO franchises. After the conference, Honey and I are going to visit Summer beach project in Panama City Beach for a few days then we will go to Georgia and North Carolina for about 2 weeks. We will speak with 4 churches about ministry in Thailand. We are going to share our financial need in order to do ministry in Thailand. We hope that churches will partner with us in reaching the Thai people and become a blessing to us and the country of Thailand. Please be praying for us during our time in the States that we will enjoy our time with our friend and that we will be able to refocus, refuel and reconnect in the conference. Also please pray for our sharing with churches, that God will be glorified, that we will communicate clearly His heart for the nations and for the lost and that we will have a heart like Him. Pray that He will go before us and prepare all our financial needs.

                                             Birthday Party With First year  students 

Here is our schedule in the States. If you would like to spend time with us, please contact us through email or Facebook.
July 14-21: Co conference in Florida
July 22 : Panama city Summer beach Project
July 23-24: Georgia  , Speak  with youth group of Salem Church.
July 25-27: North Carolina , Visit David - Holly  family.
July 28: go to Bethany Church and sharing .  lunch with sherry  family (may be or cook out)
July 29: GO to NCF in GG , lunch with Bob and Courtney , Cook out with one family.
July 30: Free day ; Dinner with Slade Family.
July 31: Free day : Sharing with  Baptist Church evening.
August 1: Free day : Evening cook for Host family
August 2: Free in morning and go lunch and Stone mountain.
August 3: Sixflag Park
August 4: Sharing with South point Church.
August 5: Go back to Thailand.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Newsletter May 2013

Thai summer Project  3-G 
Its been 3 months since the end of January when I sent my last newsletter. I have been doing very well. Many things have happened in my life which I would love to share with you.
Our Campus Outreach resource team helped our staff through personal assessment. My personal test showed me to be Extraverted  Sensing  Feeling and Judging which is the profile for a care-giver. This assessment showed us that God has designed me as an extremely gifted initiator, very relational and emphatic. This assessment encourages and affirms me in His calling on my life right now to serve in a Campus staff role.
Serving at Mercy House in Khonkaen 
March:  Thai Summer Project: This year our theme was 3-G: God Centered, Gospel Centered and Great Commission to  the third generation. It was a great project. I really enjoyed teaching our Bible Study Training Class. 
Khonkaen Worship Concert 

Over our Summer break I went with my youngest brother to see our brothers who work at a factory near the beach. It was fun to see my older brother's family and spend good time with them. I am so thankful.
Exciting News
Campus Outreach Thailand is launching a team to Chaing Mai province led by Gary Alward. They will move their belongings from Khon Kaen this month. There are three families and three single staff who will be going to Chiang Mai.
Rung, one of our administrative staff, is getting married May 25th. I am so happy for her, she is moving with the CO-Chiang Mai team, her fiancé Bomb lives and works there. Honey is going to work for us in Khon Kaen with our administrative team.                                                                                                                                                                   

After our staff assessment in February and much prayer and evaluation on where I can best serve according to my gifts and design, it is so clear to me that God is leading me to return to Khon Kaen University(KKU). This is where I was born again and grew up in Christ. I long to  see how God is going to use me as his tool for His Kingdom at KKU .
This is the news that I wanted to share with you. At the end of this month I will send you prayer requests to pray along with me!
Thank you for your support!
Love in Christ

NEU at Thai summer Project Banquet 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Newsletter 2013

How is our evangelistic ministry?

We have been sharing the good news with a lot of students since December. We had a party at our house which we invited our friends every week until Christmas. We used this party to share about God in different ways each week. We also gave Christmas gifts to many girls we knew/know from last year. I think this is a great opportunity to share with many of them, at the same time I felt discouraged because they did not seem interested. They listened but did not understand what the story is about. However, we are glad to share with them and pray that God would open their hearts.

How is my establishing ministry ?

I have been establishing 2 girls in their faith as you know, Fone and Ja-A .They have been growing but still need much more establishing. Please be praying for their intimacy with God to grow as they grow in their faith .

How is my equipping-exporting ministry?

Loog-mee, Kade, and Ice are doing great. They have been involved with Honey and me for bible study, doing ministry along with us. Kade graduated and works at a company in town since November. She will live with us until the Thai Summer Project which starts in March. She will quit her job and join the TSP as a full time participant to receive training in leadership. After the TSP she will go to Malaysia with our all Thai CCP(Cross Cultural Project) for 3 weeks in April. There are about 14 students from KKU and NEU who are being sent. Our 3 main objects are 1.) building vision and character in these Thai laborers, 2.) calling our next generation of Thai leaders to step out in faith on all levels and 3.) opportunity to assist another ministry outside of Thailand in reaching the lost.

How am I doing ? What am I learning ?

God has been teaching me two important things. The first thing is about how God speaks through Evangelism. Since November it has been difficult to meet girls on campus. I was so angry with God. "Why are you not doing what you have promised? If I pray you will answer but I don't see anything". However, God answered me about how he will do what he wills. "Sano, I am an almighty God, be patient, keep doing what you can do, wait and find your joy in Me". It was a great fight with God (I think I fought with Him). Finally after this discouraging time I tried to wait. God just spoke to my heart softly, "Why do you care so much about other people's relationship with Me while your relationship with Me is full of anger, sadness and weariness? Do you not love Me? Will you only love Me more if I give you what you want?" He gave me Hebrew 10:35-39. I am convinced I will not let anything take away my relationship with Him. I was obsessed with my job and not with a relationship with My beloved God. I confessed my sin and reconciled with Him. I love him more than I love His answers to prayer. I can endure by having a great time with Him. I have more freedom to do ministry.
A few weeks later I had a chance to share the gospel with three girls who I have built a relationship with since 2011. Last week I had the opportunity to challenge one girl to have a Bible study. We are going to study together four times before the end of the school year.

O how Great is Our God! Let us Praise Him together .

The second thing I learned was from running half marathon. I decided to do something at age 30(I don’t think I am 30 at all!! :) so I did a Half Marathon. I finished at 2.39 hrs. It was worth it to run. It was a great picture of the Christian life. The most encouraging moment was when Honey and my other friends cheered me on and waited for me at the finish line. I feel like it means nothing if there is no one waiting for you at the finish line. This reminded me that God is waiting for us at our finish line at the door of heaven with all the saints who have gone before us and even the angels. They are cheering for us to fight the good fight, running by faith from this fallen world to eternity. If God allows I would love to do full marathon next year .

Prayers request

1. Thai Summer project is coming soon. Our staff have been preparing for this project, students are raising money by working to raise money for the project. Please be praying for everything we need to prepare. I would like to see all Christian students at NEU join in order to grow in the Christian life.

2. Bible study with Air (non believer ) and follow up with Nok, Ja and Gra-tai who I shared gospel with them. Please be praying that God would open their hearts to know Him .

3. Malaysia CCP: Pray for Guy who is leading. Pray he will have wisdom in Christ. Students are raising money 500 USD per person. Pray that God would bless this project for his Glory .

4. My financial support, one time and monthly. I need 70 USD monthly and 2,500 USD one time for the CO Global conference in the USA in July 2013. If you are interested to give or have any questions about financial support feel free to email me at this address.

May God Bless you , Thank you for your Prayers and Support