Friday, August 8, 2014

August 2014

English camp has been over for three weeks and the staff and students are back to a normal life. We had a great opportunity to share the gospel with all the English Camp students at the beach. We are following up with many of them now. Here is what God has been doing so far.

Toey professed faith in Christ during the camp and another girl has recently professed her faith in Christ, her name is Numwaan .

Nan and Pawn Picture above
Nick and Gate are nelow from left to right. 
Nan , Pawn , Nick  and Gate are interested in learning more about God . I am following up with them. Some of the students are interested in going to church and want to read bible.

Please continue to pray for these students as I trust God to see 5 guys and 5 girls from  EC to come salvation. I am not losing hope. I will continue to pray for them.

Please be specifically in prayer for Nan , Pawn,  Nick and Gate as we challenge them to a bible study. Pray that God would lead them, make them hungry for the truth and that they will be available in the midst of school activities. Pray that their hearts would be opened by God. Pray that God would bring salvation to them.

hang out with computer science students 
 School is going to start August 13. Students are already back on campus. I get to meet with science faculty students from last year. I am excited to hang out and continue to share the gospel with them. I will also help our news staff girls in their ministries.  Please be praying specifically for my wisdom and strength to follow God 's will  as I equip new staff girls and evangelized students . I  am excited to see God do great things in me  and through me. I want to see the power of the gospel that I preach work in people around me and work in my life daily as I  walk with God.

Pray for new investigation of ministry in three faculties(majors) : Agriculture , COLA (College of Local Administration) and Technology . We are praying that God would lead us where he wants us to spread the good news and build laborers.

Thank you for your prayers and supoort
Love in Christ , Sano