Friday, April 15, 2011

TSP 2011 Update

I am very thankful for the time before the TSP. -We raised money for the TSP (a 3 week retreat called Thai Summer Project) by selling second hand things at a Lake as well as baking cookies and cake to sell around campus. -We did a Bible study and invited students to join our summer project to learn about God Who He is. I am very thankful for the Thai Summer Project in Pattaya Thailand . There were about 70 students and staff from KKU and NEU. There was 1 guy, Tdong, and 10 girls from NEU (9 Christians and 1 non-Christian). Most of my disciples, when I asked them what they learned at TSP, answered that they have learned how to surrender to God and have more faith in Him. One girl decided to give up her Big Sin that she could not give up this past year. She said that if she walks in that way she will not grow and she wants to grow and for God help her to fight sin. God amazingly led 9 students to know Him at TSP including one girl (Josh ) from NEU who just wanted to go because she wanted to see the beach. She professed her faith in Christ in an amazing way. She told me one night that she wanted to know God. In my mind I thought there was NO WAY and that she was just kidding me so I did not really pay attention to her. I told her how to pray on her own because I was so tired from a stomach problem, but she did not pray. I told Honey that Josh wanted to know God and Honey asked her questions to see if she understood the Gospel. She said that she really understood the Gospel and that she wanted to know Christ. So Honey led her to pray that night. After the TSP, she went home and showed respect to her parents by telling them politely that she became a Christian and they responded to her well. God has done great things at the TSP. He is working in students’ lives. He taught me about surrendering before Him through the TSP. When we give our heart to God, we will see blessings from Him. Thank you for your prayers and support. Glory to God, Sano