Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moving Forward 2

It’s been 2 months since my last update was sent, telling my friends that I had a chance to introduce myself to the first year students on orientation day. There have been many students who joined our CO Club and Friends forever retreat with the CCP (students from the USA). There are about 20 new girls who I can follow up with in order to share the gospel with them. There is one new girl who professed her faith in Christ whose name is Omm . We have studied the Bible together 2 times since then. As everyone know, from the last summer project, God blessed 4 girls to become His daughters and I have been doing bible study with them. They are learning different things about their lives as a Christian and 4 of them are still (FAT) faithful, available and teachable. I am thankful that God continues to work in their lives. They are being baptized on August 22nd and this is making them start telling their families that they are Christians. In Thai custom, it is not easy to tell your family that you have become something that isn’t normal for them. Their family may not understand what becoming Christian means. They may be angry with them, ignore them, or have no reaction. Thankfully Jane already told her mom and she said “OK” but still worries when she goes back home that people may ignore her. Am also told her family and they are OK with her as long as she is a good person. But Ice and Kade have not told their families yet. I have been learning how to lead these girls wisely which is not easy for me as sinner who has weaknesses. But one thing I am sure of is that I am leading them to God and not myself. Please keep me in your prayers. I need them!

-What’s next and what are my prayer requests?

I am going to follow up students who I have met the last 2 months and I am moving forward to lead 5 girls (Am, Jane , Ice , Kade, and Omm) closer to our God and to grow more in their relationship with me and other Christians.

1. Wisdom to follow-up about 20 girls in order to get to know them and to lead them join CO-Club activities.

2. Noon, Ploy, Ning and Im; they are interested to know more about God and I will meet them one on one to read and discuss a book called “Does religion really help humans?” and also watch the HOPE DVD with them .

3. Jane , Ice,Kade, Am : their relationship with God would grow and they would grow in terms of FAT (Faithful , Available, Teachable )

4. Kade and Ice in telling their families that they are Christians.

5. Pray that God will give me 100% financial support. I have about $460 in monthly commitments now and I need $190 more monthly support. (If you are interested in being my supporter or if you have friends who might be interested, please contact me on Facebook ( Sano Buasorn) or through email at )

Thank you for your prayer and support me .
Love in Christ