Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For the next 2 months

Dear Friends

How have you been doing? . It is cold here , I do not like it ; It make me remember last 2 year I was very sick :) ,anyway I have been doing well from the last update only one time I had got a very bad headache . I had 3 Christmas party with students , staff, and church It was good to have a great time to celebrate with friends J .New Year was very good time too !! I went to Am’s house spent time with her family then I just read and laid down in front of TV . It was a quiet time and a peace time .
Since , last week We have started 2nd part of this semester . We had meeting , talking about what are we doing for 2 months later ; we will have gathering, dam trip, girls party on valentine day ,etc . We will have first Gathering party this Friday ( I am going to share testimony J. )

My ministry goal change a little bit from last time ; first I am still focusing on students who I know deepening more with them and second is recruiting students to TSP (Thai Summer Project ; kind of SBP in USA).
Thank you so mucuch for your prayer and support me reading all this update .

Prayer Request

1. 3 Students that God will work in their heart also they will join in TSP ; Tdan , Fai and Oonging I already shared gospel with them , only Fai wants to receive Christ (she wants to go to church and pray to receive Christ their well we will know soon if God leading her.)
2. We are moving the end of this month finally we don’t have to bear an annoying noise anymore after we have been their for 8 months , A new house is close to CO-Club Yeah Thank God for the blessing :)

3. Please Pray for the recruiting students to TSP ( Esp. Tdune, Oonging, Tdan, Fai, Breaw, Gig ,Som-O, Bell, Zine, Jume , Joy , Gloy, Fai, Gig )

4. Gig ’s faith and returning to God ; We did not have bible study at all after we met the last time and challenged her to do , she does not want to do it so I just call her sometimes.
5. Please pray for our activity that God will bless ; Gathering , trip to the Ubonrat-dam, going to students ’s hometown.
6. On going raising support , I have about 70 % monthly need more 30 % .

Christmas Party 08

So sorry Friends It 's late for a month :) . I was busy with a holiday haha actually just lazy :)
Here's some of picture also the other post about loy gratong festival.

Tdan and Som-O
Zine and Pa-OP

Pa-OP and Zine again

HA-HA We are sister

Funny Face


Fai and Snow


Zine, Jan Pa-Op

เทศการลอยกระทง พ. ย . 2008