Thursday, October 24, 2013

Neswletter Oct 2013

Dear  my friend ,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing well physically. I have been having a great time training for a full marathon. It is scheduled for January 2014. Spiritually, I have been feeling tired and have been very emotional. I don't really know what’s happening. One thing I have been thinking, which a fellow staff friend mentioned, is that God is stretching me and growing me in some area of my life.  I do believe that he is growing and teaching me something but I just do not know what it is right now. Please be praying for me that I will get closer to God and hear what truth he has been teaching and telling me. I know he can and believe he will renew me as it says in Isaiah 40: 28-31

Ministry has been going good in building relationship with students. I had a chance to share my testimony with biology students on my birthday before the final exam last month. After exams there was a week and then school started up again just this week. One highlight of the past 2 months is the wedding of Tdong and Am who both graduated from Northeastern University where we worked for 6 years. Seeing them come to know Christ, be discipled, love on each other and now having their own Thai Godly family is so wonderful. Praise God who has done this in their lives. It has been a privilege and a blessing for us to be a part of this. I am excited to see this couple bless other Thai people and multiply their life.

In addition to this couple, the picture below of the ladies in all red dress are the girls from NEU who continue to grow in their Christian life. Some of them may look familiar to you as I have mentioned them in my newsletter and maybe you have prayed for them. Starting from the left is Kage who is now working as a teacher in Christian school in Khonkaen. Kana to her left just the Campus Outreach Thailand expansion team to Chiang Mai. Nong is working as a teacher in Christian school Ice is working as tutor in Kumon company at KKU and involved with campus ministry.
I am so thankful for these girls. Praise our God who worked in their life. I pray that God would continue to grow and multiply their life for His Kingdom. I am so thankful for you too, for being part of our team, both financial support and prayer in order to multiply His kingdom in Thailand. It is such a  privilege that God  allow us to be a part of His Kingdom.

My Prayer request
1) My time with God, I will have an intimacy with Him and He will restore my soul, I will hear His voice as I read , study His word and my life will soak with His love and flow to people who I disciple and share gospel with them.
2 ) We are going to have Evangelistic retreat next month with CCP Australia, please pray for students who we invite that many of them will join us and lead them to salvation.
3) My financial support onetime $ 2500 and monthly $750, I am trusting that God would lead 15 families $50. If you are interest to join financial team or need more information please feel free to contact me through this email  ( facebook.

May God Bless you