Tuesday, August 18, 2009

great!! picture

at friends forever retreat
Bake at my house.

all people @ FF retreat

CCP Team

group picture only girl @ FF retreat

update August o8/09

Praise and Thanks for the last 2 months with CCP .
- Many chances to share gospel and testimony with students.
- Have about 50 new student contacts.
- More than 5 students (16 girls) went to Friends Forever Retreat .
- Ministry team working together with both guys and girls.
- House and CO-Club are close to each other .
- Preaw, a student in Education major, received Christ.
- 4 girls (Am, Ice, Jane, Preaw ) are interested to learn more about God.
- Pui asked us to teach her how to walk with God (She is a first year student who received Christ about 2 years ago but never learned how to walk with Him.)

Prayer Requests
- Personal time with God: I would refocus on my Goals.
- I would have wisdom and creative thinking on how to lead the new Christian and 4 girls above who are interested in knowing more about God.
- God would open those four girls hearts to know Him and God would draw them to Himself.
- Preaw and Pui would grow in their relationship with God .
- I would be faithful to pray for students, would teach them about God, and show the love of God to them
- I would follow up with students whom I met the last 2 months and I would have a deeper relationship with more than 10 girls.
- 100 % Monthly support .
Thank you so much for all your prayers and support and being a part of my life.
Love in Christ