Sunday, November 25, 2012

Newsletter November 2012

How are you  doing ? I hope you are doing well . This newsletter is sending  after the Thanksgiving season so I would like to share what I am thankful for these past few months. I am calling it “Travels of Thankfulness ”
-           The first of my travels was a great time doing a small vision trip with Ice to Mookdaharn province. We went to visit a ministry that translates the Bible into the native language of an area of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. This ministry challenged me. I asked a lady who has done this job for more than 20 years, “What are things that moved you and encouraged you to do this?” With a big smile and happy face, she said, “It is the greatest joy when people read and study the Bible and are changed by the Word of God. ” Oh my heart was full of joy when I heard the answer!!!  I am so thankful that God gives me wisdom to read and study the Bible in Thai and English. And more than that, I have the Bible in my own language. Oh, I want to go deeper and deeper into the Word. May we soak in the Word.
Ice with Friends who works in Mukdaharn
-           The second travel was our staff (NEU and KKU) vacation to Ko-Rat, a big mountain. We got to spend time with each other. Actually I spent a lot of time with 3 other single staff, and the highlight of this trip was seeing celebrities. We got to take pictures with them too!! This is a very little thing, but I really was thankful to see the real people who you usually see only on TV. Hah!!.

-           The third travel was our church retreat, “We Shine”  at Ubon-Rat Dam in Khon Kaen.  All members of Covenant Church spent good time in fellowship and learning to let Jesus shine in our life to other Thais. I was so thankful to see all of us together, sharing what God is teaching us. And it was very encouraging to see  members of our church desire to be  involved. We had this retreat by means of our own savings. They opened a small bank to encourage members to begin saving a few months before the retreat, and that was a big help for our members.

Sano and Stomptown revival
The last travel was a great opportunity to visit Chiang-Mai province. I really enjoyed my time there. I saw many different things from Khon Kaen. I went to a church with about 200-300 members worshipping God. My eyes were opened because I have never seen this many Thai people worshipping God. May God Bless our Thai church. I also had the chance to go to Doi-Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. It is a very beautiful creation of our God. I got to spend time with staff of The Light, which is a ministry with students in Chiang-Mai. We had good conversations and got to know what is God doing in each other’s lives. One more things that I really enjoyed so much this trip was the food. Thank God for His Provision!!!!  Oh, and I almost forgot to share, at The Light ministry, I had a chance to see an American singer  Stomp-town Revival. In the picture, they are playing a mini-concert – it was so cool and I enjoyed listening to new songs.
Sano and P'Ann : The Light Staff .

  When I was about to finish this newsletter, I realized that there is one more travel that came up in my mind! Yes, we are travelling to Our Father ’s Home in heaven, and one day we will be forever with Him. This world is not our home. This world we are living in is not the last. We are the traveler on this trip. There are hard times, the rough track, and mountain climbing. Sometimes we may feel so tired, so weak, but this will not be forever. Forever is living with God after this life. Oh hope comes to my heart. I would like to encourage all of you who are reading this to keep on travelling, seeking God, remember His Promises, being thankful for what he has done in your life. Love Him with all of yourself.

And the very last thing I am always thankful for is your support, both through finances and prayers, and the “how are you” through facebook. These are encouraging and show me that it is His will to lead me to minister with students in Thailand.
Let our hearts sing praise to God. Always be thankful for what he has done and what will be done.
Let us travel to eternity. Love in Christ Jesus,