Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Newsletter Feb 2014

It been 2 months from y last update. A lot has happened. We had a very good time  during  Christmas. We were able to share the good news with at least 15 students. Please be praying for me to find opportunities to follow up with them.

I have been studying a book called  knowing God with Som  who  is a science major.She is in the middle of picture with Snowman. It's been great to get to know her and share my life with her. She is very sweet friend. Her barrier to becoming a  Christian is  the fear of conflict that might with her family. Please be praying that our God would break that lie.

We had our Christian women's trip a few week ago. It was a blessing for everyone to spend  time together  building each other  up in Christ.

What News ?

Since the second semester  started,  we have been  inviting all students to join English Camp  in June and July 2014. It is a evangelical camp  that we will use this year due to the school calendar change. All of the staff are working hard to prepare this new event to reach students. I have been inviting all first and second year students who I have met since the first semester. It is very challenging to ask students to commit to us. I'm trusting God and praying that He will lead  10 students from my ministry of the 60-70 students I minister to.  Please be  praying for  a total of 50 students to join our camp . This is going to be a great camp of life on life ministry and sharing the gospel! I am very excited!

Thai Summer Project in March and April  is coming soon. Jelly and Daow are excited to join their last Thai Summer Project. Our theme this year is Possible in Philippians 4:13  I can do this through Christ who gives me strength.

Support Update 

Praise God for providing support. I am so grateful for your prayers and support. Please continue praying for me. I am currently $400 short in monthly commitments from being at 100%. Only $400!!!! 

What can you do?

Please consider helping me in any of the following areas:
  1. PRAY: Please pray right now that God would bring in the remaining support. 
  2. JOIN MY SUPPORT TEAM: Contribute financially every month for any amount - $10, $60, or $300 - Every dollar counts. I am currently in need of $400 in new monthly support. Give now by clicking here.
  3. SPECIAL GIFT:  Contribute to my current need of $2500 in one-time in order to bring my support account back up to a healthy place.
  4. INCREASE YOUR SUPPORT: Even $5 or $10/month more helps! 
  5. ADOPT ME : Ask your home group or Bible Study about "Adopting-A-Missionary". You can follow my ministry together, take a monthly collection, write me cards or emails of encouragement, etc. 
Love in Christ