Monday, April 2, 2012

Thai Summer Project 2012 Love Power 2

After one month of Thai Summer Project , Which over forty Thai Christian students participating this summer we finished them well as Picture below

High light of this Project

1) Leader Students from KKU and NEU had learned to grow in this area one of them shared at the last Leader Meeting that “The 2 things I learned – Leadership is not just a subject to learn & then go use on others, but that we as leaders need to drink from the Lord & then we’ll be able to pour into our disciples & lead them through overflow. The second thing I learned was that I and others are emotional & are up & down, but God is always ready to accept us. Therefore, we have to trust in Him & rely on Him only.” Praew from KKU (pictured wearing white shirt) below with me and Joy @ Coffee shop during Coaching time.

2) Preaw (pictured wearing black and white stripes) was the only non-believer student from NEU who joined us at TSP. During the month of learning more about who God is, she professed her faith in Christ on 28th March. I am so excited for her as well as for Ice (one of my disciples), who will now be her discipleship leader.

3) Bible study class on Tuesday night was one of the highlights for me. P'Fone (one of our KKU staff members) taught the Thai believers how to do Inductive Bible study. I felt this class was very helpful and fruitful. For half of the class, it was the first time they had studied the Bible in this way.

God has done great things at TSP. He is working in the students' lives. At the farewell night, we gave them the opportunity to share what they had learned. Almost everyone wanted to come up and share about what God had taught them through the project. I am very thankful and full of praise. I hope that by seeing how God has worked in their lives, will impact them so that they will not keep God to themselves, but will tell other Thai people about God .I pray that God would LauraLauracontinue to use this experience to help them have a heart for Him to be His laborer , just as our theme last June 2011 " Nationalized Multiplying Laborer Producing Movement".

Let’s us Praise God What he has done and Let’s us Ask Him MORE Blessing , MORE Laborer in Thailand .

Thank you for your Prayer and Support .
Love In Christ Sano