Thursday, May 2, 2013

Newsletter May 2013

Thai summer Project  3-G 
Its been 3 months since the end of January when I sent my last newsletter. I have been doing very well. Many things have happened in my life which I would love to share with you.
Our Campus Outreach resource team helped our staff through personal assessment. My personal test showed me to be Extraverted  Sensing  Feeling and Judging which is the profile for a care-giver. This assessment showed us that God has designed me as an extremely gifted initiator, very relational and emphatic. This assessment encourages and affirms me in His calling on my life right now to serve in a Campus staff role.
Serving at Mercy House in Khonkaen 
March:  Thai Summer Project: This year our theme was 3-G: God Centered, Gospel Centered and Great Commission to  the third generation. It was a great project. I really enjoyed teaching our Bible Study Training Class. 
Khonkaen Worship Concert 

Over our Summer break I went with my youngest brother to see our brothers who work at a factory near the beach. It was fun to see my older brother's family and spend good time with them. I am so thankful.
Exciting News
Campus Outreach Thailand is launching a team to Chaing Mai province led by Gary Alward. They will move their belongings from Khon Kaen this month. There are three families and three single staff who will be going to Chiang Mai.
Rung, one of our administrative staff, is getting married May 25th. I am so happy for her, she is moving with the CO-Chiang Mai team, her fiancé Bomb lives and works there. Honey is going to work for us in Khon Kaen with our administrative team.                                                                                                                                                                   

After our staff assessment in February and much prayer and evaluation on where I can best serve according to my gifts and design, it is so clear to me that God is leading me to return to Khon Kaen University(KKU). This is where I was born again and grew up in Christ. I long to  see how God is going to use me as his tool for His Kingdom at KKU .
This is the news that I wanted to share with you. At the end of this month I will send you prayer requests to pray along with me!
Thank you for your support!
Love in Christ

NEU at Thai summer Project Banquet