Monday, February 6, 2012

February 2012Update

Highlights ministry Kade, Ice, and Kana: These are 3 girls in our leadership group. We have a bible study together, and they have been involved with ministry. These girls had a chance to do ministry with us staff girls and the Australian CCP (Cross Cultural Project). I am so thankful for them. They have a heart for their friends to know God, and it’s exciting to see a young generation who seeks to spread the Good News.

Praise God! 2 students, one girl (First) and one guy (Tdui), who professed their faith in Christ recently.

Gospel retreat @ Koa-Yai Mountain: We shared the Gospel many times and did lots of fun activities. My favorite thing about this retreat was being able to spend lots of time together and growing closer with the girls who went with us. Also, three Christians students, Kana, Tdong, and Ice, shared their testimonies. God has used their lives to impact those who listened – after the retreat, the non-Christian students whom I talked to were questioning what they really believe. Most of the questions that they asked can be summed up in this thought: “They do believe in God who created the world but still do not understand how can Jesus save all people and all nations. He is only one person but since the beginning there have been tons of sinners!!!!!! How can his life pay for everyone?

There are 3 girls (Ping Pong, Luck, and Iwe from picture below last 3 girls from your left ) from the retreat who I challenged to have a bible study. They all said yes, but we have not gotten to meet yet. Please pray for them, that God would work in their hearts to lead them to him.

Low light of ministry , Well, I am not sure what to say or if this is a low light, but I’m thinking about and still in the process of learning to understand life and seeing God in the real world.
I am learning to trust in Him and keep praying for these girls.

I meet with Josh, the girl who has struggled with her family. She said her dad is always checking on her to see what is she doing. But her need is in Jesus. I am not really sure what she means, and I am encouraging her to read the bible and pray if she still believes. Please be praying for her.
Am, one of my disciples, is in an unhealthy relationship with a non-Christian. Last time we met she said that whatever makes me happy, she will do. She believes she is Christian. Please be praying for her, that she will understand the real meaning of the Gospel, repent in her heart, and surrender to God.

How am I doing? I am doing very well and am really enjoying life with Him. God is teaching me to be satisfied in Him alone -“Depend on God” is my theme for this year. Through situations, friends, disciples, and scripture, I have heard God saying, “Come here, Come to Me, Seek Me, Walk with Me, Depend on Me, Don’t depend on your thoughts, your ways, or yourself.”
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him,and he will make straight your paths. Proverb 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord, my friends. He is trustworthy.
Thank you for your prayers and support .